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  • This package is geared toward either the young man starting out on his own or the guy finding himself who just wants the basics without the hassle. If you are watching your expenses but do not want to skimp on good hygiene, this might be a package for you! This package offers all the essentials that every guy needs. All our packages can be upgraded at any time moving forward.

  • If you are a little more established and find yourself starting to come into your own, this might be the package for you. A man that has now proven himself and is starting to branch out and spread his wings a little. The products within this grouping tend to offer a better quality of products that offer additional benefits.

  • You're comfortable in your own skin, you know what the Ladies like and by golly you are gonna give them what they want. This package is a collection of some of the best products we offer.

  • You know who you are, and nobody can put you in any single category!! It does not matter, the price, nor extra effort, because you cannot put a price on your own happiness!! In this package you can create the package that fits your personal needs and your tastes best.

  • Just wanted to drop a note how your service rocks. I get all the items I use everyday in one convenient package. It saves me trips to the pharmacy and let’s me just finish the game.
    -Maurice, Lansing, MI
  • I save so much time and when I reach for the soap…its’ there like magic! My gel, my brands…love it.
    -Brad, San Diego, CA
  • I build a pack, and every month a I get a package in the mail. Perfect and couldn’t ask for easier terms and changes if needed!
    -Tommy, Austin, TX
  • Just signed up for the “wingman” and it has all the stuff I use. Added the underwear and socks 2x a year and I’m set!
    -Chris, Boston, MA